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Basketball Court Background

Indoor vs Outdoor Basketball Shoes – The Key Differences Between Them

Basketball originated as an outdoors sport but in the modern USA, almost all competitive and official games are now indoors. This raises a few issues for basketball shoe manufacturers, the main one being the different surfaces on the indoor and outdoor courts. Since shoes have to cater to the specific surface they’re stepping on, companies making them had to create indoor and outdoor models. In this article, we will compare indoor vs outdoor basketball shoes and see what their pros and cons are There are quite a lot of aspects based on which we can compare indoor and outdoor basketball shoes. The main ones are: Before we dive deeper into each of those features, make sure you check out my buyer’s guide on some of the best basketball shoes for… Read More »Indoor vs Outdoor Basketball Shoes – The Key Differences Between Them

Basketball court

When Was Basketball Invented?

Basketball has remained one of the most popular past times for decades. But when was basketball invented? And who invented it exactly? Basketball didn’t begin with the National Basketball Association, or the NBA, for short. The NBA was founded in 1946, but basketball was already a well-known sport by this time. In fact, it was invented several decades before, it just wasn’t a nationally recognized sport until it became one of the four major sports leagues. Now considered one of the biggest sports in the world, it’s hard to believe it all began in a small gym, decades ago, in Springfield Massachusetts. A young teacher named James Naismith invented basketball way back in the winter of 1891. James Naismith, a young teacher, created basketball as a way to occupy students… Read More »When Was Basketball Invented?