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How To Build A Basketball Court

How To Build A Basketball Court – Tips & Ideas For A Great DIY Project

If you want to play basketball with your friends or kids the least you need is a basketball hoop. To take things to the next level, though, you can make your own court. The benefits of that are obvious and will allow you to play ball any time you feel like it, especially if it is near your home. In this article I will give you some of the best tips on how to build a basketball court and take you through the needed steps for the process. Building a basketball court starts with figuring out how big it has to be. Standard dimensions would be something along the lines of 90 by 50 feet. Next, you have to lay out a foundation such as concrete which can later on… Read More »How To Build A Basketball Court – Tips & Ideas For A Great DIY Project

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Major Events in Basketball History

G. If you know major Events in Basketball History, then you know there are so many that it would be almost impossible to cover all. The biggest and best games, changes, and developments, but I’ll give it a shot. And go over some of the most memorable to date and the biggest players in the history of the NBA. If you’re a true basketball fan, then you’ve probably witnessed some important moments over the years. From Jordan and Magic going head to head, to the Lakers winning championship after championship. But let’s delve into the biggest and most important moments, the ones that changed the game forever. Major events in basketball history all really began with its invention in 1891 by a teacher named James Naismith. From there, the formation… Read More »Major Events in Basketball History

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How to Jump Higher in Basketball

Basketball is a sport that requires you to shoot with accuracy, run like the wind, outmanoeuvre other players on the court, and jump, whether you want to dunk or you want to shut down another player who’s trying to get past the defense to make a layup. But being a good player on the court takes skill and plenty of practice. But with consistent training and dedication, you can learn how to jump higher in basketball and become a better defensive player, dunker, and have more control over your body mechanics. The Vertical Jump Learning how to jump higher may sound simple, but it actually involves extensive training. If you have a good vertical jump, you’ll find that it’s going to totally change how you play the game and make… Read More »How to Jump Higher in Basketball

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Learn How to Dunk in a Month

Are you training to become a better basketball player? Do you want to become more of an asset to your team? Learning how to dunk can give you the edge you need, and can also make you a more powerful, well-rounded player, allowing you to dominate the other players on the court, dunk in their face, and get the crowd on its feet. Did you know you can actually learn how to dunk in a month? It’s totally possible with the right type of training, exercise routine, diet, and determination. A Powerful Workout If you want to learn how to dunk, you can expect to spend plenty of time in the gym and on the court. You can’t simply practice learning how to jump higher once a week and expect… Read More »Learn How to Dunk in a Month


Best Basketball College Programs

College basketball is all about tradition, school pride, and history. Many of the biggest colleges throughout basketball history have created some pretty unforgettable moments. Some of the best players have set incredible records that have shown the light on some of the best basketball college programs in the country. Many of the top schools have been home to some of the greatest coaches in the world. Other colleges have turned out some of the biggest names in the NBA. Deciding which college offers the best program can be a challenge, making it difficult for top high school players to choose a college to go with and which basketball program has what it takes to help them realize their goal of entering the NBA after graduation. There’s really no straightforward way… Read More »Best Basketball College Programs

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10 Unique Gift Ideas for Basketball Coaches

Unique Gift Ideas for Basketball Coaches comes in every players mind. Daily practices, planning game strategies and working individually with players to ensure they give their all to the game can really put a coach through the wringer. But a good coach is totally dedicated to ensuring their team succeeds, that each player is getting the help they need during practice and that everyone is motivated and encouraged. If your coach gave their all this past season, then nothing can show your appreciation more than purchasing a gift that really means something and one that they will find very useful during the next upcoming basketball season. I’ve compiled a list of the 10 unique gift ideas for basketball coaches that your coach is sure to love, and included some ideas… Read More »10 Unique Gift Ideas for Basketball Coaches

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Basketball Passing Drills for Beginners and Intermediate Players

Basketball Passing Drills for Beginners will be crucial to developing a player’s ability to pass, which is one of the keys to a successful basketball team. A basketball team’s offense is the basis of its aptitude for passing the ball between each player effectively in order to create more abilities to shoot on the court. The drills included in this guide can be used by coaches and players during practice in order to see some major improvements on the court. Of course, these drills should be practiced with two or more people in order to perfect smooth passing skills.  Perfecting Passing Techniques If a player is unable to pass, then they’ll make it easy for the opposition to defend the ball and they’ll find it extremely complicated to get into… Read More »Basketball Passing Drills for Beginners and Intermediate Players

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Basketball Court Layout: Create Your Playing Strategy

The symmetry of the basketball court layout features half a court that’s a mirror image of the other half. The entire court measures in at ninety-four feet by fifty feet. On each side of the court, you’ll find painted lines that clearly show the circle and free throw lane, in addition to the three-point line, which has a distance from the basket that tends to vary depending on the level of hoops played. Learning the Layout When you’re practicing at home using the best wall-mounted hoop, you’re imagining yourself on the court, taking and sinking the most challenging shots. But if you’re not familiar with the different areas of the court, the best areas to take shots, areas of the court that you struggle with, and what common areas that… Read More »Basketball Court Layout: Create Your Playing Strategy