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How to Clean a Basketball The Right Way – Top Tips & Tricks

Even if you have the best basketball, going years without proper maintenance will do it no favors. Any material can deteriorate under daily stress and bouncing on hard surfaces in the heat is definitely the type of stress to ruin your basketball. So, in order to learn how to clean a basketball the right way, we have to first differentiate basketballs into categories based on their materials. There are three major types of basketballs out there, based on the material used for them. Those are: Now, let’s dive deeper into each of those and see how exactly you can clean either one of those types… Cleaning a Rubber Basketball Cleaning your rubber basketball is a relatively easy but lengthy process that involves a couple of steps. Those are: Preparing your… Read More »How to Clean a Basketball The Right Way – Top Tips & Tricks

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Basketball Rules: Learning the Ropes

Basketball rules are pretty straightforward. However, for new players, it can be all too easy to forget certain rules. As an example, the three-second rule addresses how long an offensive player can be in the lane before they must clear out. But no one expects you to learn all the rules of the game overnight. Once you have learned all the rules there’s an easy way to ensure you don’t forget them. Basic basketball rules include learning about the point system, fouls and violations, and the position for each player on the team. For many, learning the rules of the game will take time. In the beginning, it’s important for you to focus on your shooting technique first. Many beginners will learn more about fouls and violations as they play… Read More »Basketball Rules: Learning the Ropes

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How To Clean Your Basketball Shoes Like A Pro

Basketball shoes are an inseparable part of basketball history and have a cult-like following of their own. As a beginner, knowing how to clean your basketball shoes is a skill you definitely need to acquire. Not only will that keep your sneakers fresh but will also improve their long-term performance and keep them new for longer. Clean basketball shoes are more grippy on the court and will provide sturdier support for your ankles. That’s why in this article, we will go through the step-by-step process of How To Clean Your Basketball Shoes Like A Pro. We will also give you a few tips on how to maintain them fresh for longer. If you’re looking for great basketball shoes for ankle support, visit my full guide on that topic! The process… Read More »How To Clean Your Basketball Shoes Like A Pro

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How to Get Better at Dribbling: Finding Your Style

If you’ve just joined a team or you’ve recently taken up an interest in b-ball, then shooting and rebounds may be your initial focus, but all players at one point or another will need to learn how to get better at dribbling for ultimate control over the ball, in the heat of the moment, when it’s a matter of making it down the court unscathed or sinking a shot. But ball control isn’t quite as easy as the pros make it look. In fact, it’s a matter of skill and it can take several months to learn this type of control or to even find your style of dribbling that jibes with the way you move on the court.   New players usually don’t feel very confident when they’re on the… Read More »How to Get Better at Dribbling: Finding Your Style

A glass backboard

How to Clean and Restore a Basketball Backboard – Top Maintenance Tips

Basketball hoops are under constant stress and have to take a ton of beating. And while most indoor hoops won’t be exposed to the elements of nature, outdoor ones will face UV rays, moisture, wind, and a ton of dust and debris. All that accumulates over time and most backboards get scratched, become yellow or frosted, and their overall quality deteriorates. That’s why, in this article, we will learn how to clean and restore a basketball backboard and go through a few additional maintenance tips to keep your hoop in top shape! When it comes to backboards, there are a few different materials used in making them. They all differ in their qualities and are, therefore, treated differently. Let’s dive a bit deeper into that now… Basketball backboard materials Some… Read More »How to Clean and Restore a Basketball Backboard – Top Maintenance Tips

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What Basketball Position Should I Play: A Look at the Five Main Positions

If you’re interested in playing basketball, have all the right gear, and you’re eager to play, before you join a team or play a game on the court with some friends, you may be wondering “what basketball position should I play?” and what you can do to determine which position would be right for you. Finding your place on the court can define how you play and what areas you need to work on such as perfecting your rebounding skills or jump shots. There are several positions to choose from, each of which can be very demanding. I’ll take a closer look at each of these positions and point out some of the most important characteristics required in order to help you narrow down the position that will meet your… Read More »What Basketball Position Should I Play: A Look at the Five Main Positions

Basketball Court Background

Indoor vs Outdoor Basketball Shoes – The Key Differences Between Them

Basketball originated as an outdoors sport but in the modern USA, almost all competitive and official games are now indoors. This raises a few issues for basketball shoe manufacturers, the main one being the different surfaces on the indoor and outdoor courts. Since shoes have to cater to the specific surface they’re stepping on, companies making them had to create indoor and outdoor models. In this article, we will compare indoor vs outdoor basketball shoes and see what their pros and cons are There are quite a lot of aspects based on which we can compare indoor and outdoor basketball shoes. The main ones are: Before we dive deeper into each of those features, make sure you check out my buyer’s guide on some of the best basketball shoes for… Read More »Indoor vs Outdoor Basketball Shoes – The Key Differences Between Them

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When Was Basketball Invented?

Basketball has remained one of the most popular past times for decades. But when was basketball invented? And who invented it exactly? Basketball didn’t begin with the National Basketball Association, or the NBA, for short. The NBA was founded in 1946, but basketball was already a well-known sport by this time. In fact, it was invented several decades before, it just wasn’t a nationally recognized sport until it became one of the four major sports leagues. Now considered one of the biggest sports in the world, it’s hard to believe it all began in a small gym, decades ago, in Springfield Massachusetts. When was basketball invented? A young teacher named James Naismith invented basketball way back in the winter of 1891. It was created as a way to occupy students… Read More »When Was Basketball Invented?