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Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball System

Spalding nba the beast portable system review
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Last Updated on: October 3, 2023

Spalding nba the beast portable system review

If you’ve ever played basketball you would know the brand “Spalding”. This brand name is tightly related to premium basketball products as well as product lines in other ball-sports. Their portable basketball system name “The Beast” is no exception to that. It is a system which will make your whole family feel as if you are at a professional basketball court. The solid base, tough materials, wheels that add tons of mobility, and the premium board made out of tempered glass will make your purchase choice very easy. The only thing that can make you second guess your decision is the steep price tag on this product. In this review we will check out some of the most interesting quirks and features of this basketball hoop and see why it is one of the best selling models this year, even though it has been out for quite some time now.

Our Verdict: We recommend this portable basketball hoop to school administrators, gym owners or people looking to buy a basketball system that will be used by many kids in either small communities, gyms or school districts. For personal use, there are far cheaper, relatively good

Features That Make It Stand Out

These portable basketball systems usually have issues with stability and backboard design. If you intend to use this model for adult pick up games, then stability is even more important. Most newer models of basketball systems can’t handle dunking and can tip or topple over if you try to dunk on them.

Fortunately, The Beast is designed for users of all ages and sizes. It can easily withstand whatever you throw at it.

The system’s only real flaw is the multi-piece pole design, which normally has a negative impact on the set’s overall stability.

But when put to the test, The Beast held strong and remained firmly in place with minimal shaking. This model is the perfect solution if you don’t have the space for an in-ground system but need a portable basketball system that offers comparable stability.

It’s also one of the most versatile models in this price range, allowing you to quickly adjust the height for an NBA height regulation game or you can lower it for the kids.


When it comes to basketball hoops that aren’t built into the ground, stability is the biggest concern. After all, you want to be able to dunk and play with your friends however you like and not only shoot hoping the who thing won’t come down. To prevent this, basketball hoops have bases which are either filled with some sort of liquid or a hard material like sand. Most of the models either have too little of a base tank or just aren’t engineered great in terms of stability.

With this Spalding model, this shouldn’t be any of your concerns. It has a large base that is solid and weighs a lot. It can be filled with up to fifty gallons of either liquid or sand. This is strong enough to endure dunks from bigger guys and basically won’t move no matter what kind of game is played on it.

Height Adjustments

Another thing that is important is height. Here, that is adjustable and can range from seven and a half feet all the way up to ten feet. The adjustment system itself is a u-turn styled one and is a Spalding patented technology which you won’t find in other basketball hoops.

The ability to adjust the height makes this basketball system a perfect buy if you’re looking for a model that can be used by both kids and adult. Adjusting the system’s height is fast and simple.

Additional Construction Details

The support pole itself is a five inches thick and made out of two parts. It is angled, as most other models, to provide extra stability to the construction. That angle also prevents tipping of the system itself. Speaking of stability, there are a few struts below the ring as well which prevent it from bending.

While this pole is extremely durable and stable we think that it cannot compete with some of Spalding’s one-piece pole designs. This one is made for easier assembly, but when it comes to stability it’s always better to have fewer pieces.

Now, let’s move on to the last part of the basketball system, which is also one of the most important ones:

The Backboard

The backboard here is made of tempered glass and has a diameter of 60 inches. It has an aluminum trim around. That trim is thicker than almost any other trim we’ve seen and measures at around quarter inches. This shows you how seriously Spalding take the stability and rigidity of their products.

This type of solid construction is one of the reasons this basketball system can handle a fast-paced game of one on one, dunks included. This backboard is built tough and won’t shatter even if you have one of those friends that are very dunk hungry and like to hang on after a dunk.

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The Rim

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The rim is of the highest quality and simply cannot bend, no matter what you throw at it, no pun intended. It has a net which can endure hot, cold, and wet weather easily. Spalding themselves tell you that if you leave it on the hoop all year around you will have to change it every three to five years depending on where you live.

This rim is also designed to take heavy dunks and even heavier daily use. Even if it can easily take on a 250 lbs. basketballer, Spalding does not recommend people hanging from it. It has a nice rebound unlike some other cheaper rims, mainly due to the materials used in it.

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Additional Features

When you get this basketball system, you will also get a free base cover. That helps if you want to keep it outside during winter or summer when you are out on a vacation. Another great addition is the movable handle which makes moving this thing far easier than it would’ve been otherwise.

One thing that we didn’t like about “The Beast” is that it lacks padding around the support pole and backboard. This isn’t exactly an issue but if you are planning on getting it for your kids or a school gym, any type of extra safety is welcomed. Either way, you can get it additionally from Spalding but we felt like at this price point, you shouldn’t be buying things that have to be included in the package in the first place.


When you’re buying a portable basketball system, stability and strength are both essential. This is especially true if you’re buying the hoop system for yourself and not the kids. The ability to dunk, play hard, and get in an intense game with some friends is everything. What you don’t want is a basketball system that is going to topple over when you dunk or accidentally bang into the base when you’re in the middle of an intense game.

So, how did The Beast measure up on the court?

First, in terms of stability, this model holds strong. When dunking, you’ll notice only a slight shaking that lasts for a few seconds.

This is a heavier than average basketball system that’s designed to compete with in-ground systems. We were very impressed with how solid it remained during a game.

The only issue most buyers had involved the assembly. Putting The Beast together is easily a two-person job, and one that can take two to three hours.

Aside from that, if you’re looking for a model that’s designed for adults and the kids, then The Beast is your best option. There’s no rocking and minimal movement during a game, the height is adjustable, and moving the system to and from the garage is fast and easy.

The Beast’s stellar performance makes this model worth every penny.

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  • Super stable
  • Looks professional
  • Sturdy construction with premium materials
  • Durable ring
  • Can withstand any type of play and any type of weather
  • Large backboard
  • Five-year warranty


  • Very expensive
  • No padding on the support pole and backboard
  • Multipiece pole design

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Final Thoughts On The Beast By Spalding

Jumpchamp.Com Product Rating (5/5)

Spalding NBA The Beast Portable Basketball SystemIn terms of stability and premium build, nothing even comes close to Spalding’s The Beast. The large base, wide backboard, sturdy materials used all-around make for a product suitable for gym use and any sort of play types. Spalding has finally designed a portable basketball system that’s tough enough to compete with higher priced in-ground systems.

The only thing that can make you second guess your purchase choice is the high price tag here. Even so, the longevity of this product makes it a nice investment for people who love basketball or gym owners. We gave this product a solid five out of five stars rating.