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Spalding 79354 Backboard/Rim Combo with 48-Inch Polycarbonate Backboard Review

Spalding 79354 main
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Last Updated on: March 3, 2023

Spalding 79354

If you’re looking for a brand you can trust, you can always rely on Spalding. Their latest model to hit the market is perfect for smaller home setups where you don’t have space for a full-court setup. This is a well-built durable system and one that can handle plenty of rough use.

The 79354 backboard and rim combo basketball hoop system is a model that’s designed for players of all skill levels, however, considering the smaller backboard, it may be a better fit for older kids and teens. It comes equipped with some great features that will instantly clue you in on the type of durability and quality it has to offer and it will make a nice addition to your home if you’re looking for a basketball hoop system that’s reasonably priced and designed to take a beating.

Our Verdict: This model comes with a thick, heavy-duty powder-coated frame, an all-weather net that will allow you to leave the net up year-round, and a forty-eight-inch polycarbonate backboard. The backboard size may be too small for older, serious players, however, if you don’t have much wall space to work with, the smaller size can be seen as a plus. Despite being made out of polycarbonate material, the backboard offers excellent rebound action. The polycarbonate material is also very thick, so it’s obvious it can handle rough use. The Slam Jam breakaway rim is designed with the slam dunker in mind. It offers just the right amount of flex and give that will allow you to crush it. This model can be used to replace an existing backboard hoop system for in-ground models, or it can be mounted to a wall, the roof, or the garage.

Overview and Features

Spalding is one of the biggest basketball hoop manufacturers in the world. Not only do they specialize in producing NBA quality basketballs, but they also offer an extensive line of in-ground, portable, and wall-mounted basketball systems. Their extensive product line will allow you to buy a model that works for your space, budget, and playing needs. But aside from their large selection available, they also have a reputation in the industry for producing systems that are durable and quality all the way. Their latest system is a best-seller, although some players will be disappointed in the smaller backboard size. However, if you have a small amount of space to work with, then this hoop will allow you to practice your basketball crossover moves, perfect your jump shots, and develop as a player through consistent practice.

Spalding 79354 Backboard/Rim Combo with 48-Inch Polycarbonate Backboard

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Spalding 79354

  • Easy installation
  • Low price
  • Slam Jam breakaway rim
  • Five-year product warranty
  • Backboard padding
  • All-weather net included


This isn’t the flashiest or biggest model produced by Spalding, but it’s a great fit for homes that are tight on space, families on a budget, and the player looking for a durable system that can withstand heavy-duty use. This model comes with a mid-sized backboard that’s made out of polycarbonate, a tough Slam Jam breakaway rim, and a large frame that’s durable and has been powder-coated, so you won’t have to worry about rust or other damage, if you live in a part of the country that experiences particularly harsh winters. This system can be mounted on a wall, garage, or you can use it to replace other backboards by this brand. This model can be used for in-ground systems with round or square poles.

Mounting Hardware

This system doesn’t come with any mounting hardware. This means you’ll need to purchase a compatible Spalding brand mounting bracket. Considering their extensive product line, you’ll have a wide range of choices including a fixed bracket, which will keep the hoop at one height, or you can check out the different types of adjustable mounting systems that will allow you to lower the rim from six or seven and a half feet, up to the regulation height of ten feet. If you don’t have younger children in the home, then purchasing the fixed bracket system is a great option. I recommend mounting the hoop at ten feet, so you won’t have to worry about reinstalling it once your child has made progress.


This backboard measures in at forty-eight inches, which is pretty small considering the regulation NBA backboard is seventy-two inches in size. However, for a home setup, this size should work fine. It may not be large enough for some adults, but it’s a great choice for older kids and teens or the player who’s short on space and just looking for a smaller hoop system they can use to practice jump shots, basketball dribbling drills, and free throws. The backboard is made out of polycarbonate material, which is not quite as tough as acrylic or tempered glass, but the thickness of the board will go a long way towards durability.


This model is covered by a five-year product warranty.


This hoop system is equipped with a 5/8 inch thick Slam Jam breakaway rim that’s built tough and designed for the slam dunker in mind. The rim itself offers the perfect amount of give and flex so you can slam, hang, and play a tough pickup game without the worry of the rim shaking or wobbling.


Spalding 79354

This package includes an all-weather net that you can leave on the hoop all year round, even if you have harsh winters. The net will not become moldy or deteriorate if it’s left out in wet and cold conditions.


Considering the smaller backboard, how does this model perform when put to the test? While a backboard made out of acrylic or tempered glass is usually preferred since it offers excellent rebound action, this model’s polycarbonate backboard provides impressive bounce action that you just won’t see coming. Likewise, the frame is surprisingly durable and built tough. This is partly due to the heavy-duty powder coating, which is designed to protect the frame from rust caused by exposure to the elements. The all-weather net is a nice extra and it will allow you to leave the net on year-round, while standard nets have to be removed during the winter to prevent the net from rotting and falling apart if left out in wet conditions.


While the smaller backboard is much lighter compared to a fifty-eight-inch backboard, the installation process will still be a two-person job. Fortunately, the manufacturer has included well-written instructions that will guide you through the installation process. You can expect to spend an hour assembling and installing this system, which is about average.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • All-weather net
  • Excellent backboard rebound action
  • Heavy-duty frame
  • Low price
  • Versatile
  • Easy installation


  • Mounting hardware sold separately
  • Backboard may be too small for some players

Spalding Versus SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

The SKLZ is offered at a much more affordable price compared to the Spalding system, but considering the backboard is only twenty-three inches, this makes perfect sense. Obviously, a model of this size won’t be suitable for teens and adults, but it’s actually a great buy for young children. It also features a highly portable design, so you can pack it up and bring it along on vacations or to a friend’s house.

Despite its smaller size, it comes complete with a heavy-duty net, a shatterproof backboard, and backboard padding that runs along the length of the bottom of the board, for added protection. This model is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The fact that it can be mounted indoors will be a huge selling point for players of all ages who are looking for a fun way to pass the time on a rainy day. It also comes complete with a nine and a half-inch breakaway rim complete with spring action that allows the rim to instantly bounce back into place.  This is obviously not a pro-quality setup but it’s perfect for fun indoor use, younger children, or adults looking for a mini, indoor hoop system they can play around with in their downtime. Considering its compact design, this model is available at a low price and comes with a money-back guarantee.

To learn more about the different styles and types of hoop systems available, click here to read my buyer’s guide.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Spalding 79354Spalding has done it again by producing a top of the line, affordable, home basketball system that’s perfect for players of all ages. It features a versatile design that will allow you to use it to replace an old backboard setup on an in-ground system, or you can mount it to a wall, or the garage.

This basketball system by Spalding is built tough and comes with a heavy-duty powder-coated frame, a polycarbonate backboard, an all-weather net, and an easy installation. For some players the forty-eight-inch backboard may be too small, however, if you’re tight on space in the driveway, on a tight budget, or you need a system designed for older kids and teens, this model is a steal for the price. I gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars.