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SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop Review

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Last Updated on: March 3, 2023


If you’re not shopping around for a full-sized system and you simply want a mini indoor model you can use for the kids as they practice how to get better at dribbling and work on their shot precision, then this model is a great option. The SKLZ mini basketball hoop system is perfect for indoor use for young and older children.

But it can also be a great addition to your home office, the family rec room, or anywhere in the home where the family normally gathers. This is by no means a pro-quality hoop system. Instead, it’s a fun, mini system that you can use to pass the time on a rainy day, a great way to entertain the kids, or a nice addition to your home office or man cave. It comes complete with many top of the line features that you would expect to find on a high-quality full-sized system, which is a nice surprise for parents who are looking for a model that can survive the kids.

Our Verdict: This isn’t a hoop system that’s designed for a serious game of one on one with one of your basketball buddies, but it can be a great addition to any home. This model is specifically designed for indoor use, so it doesn’t come with an all-weather net or a powder-coated frame, however, it does feature a thick stainless steel frame and a twenty-three-inch shatterproof backboard that’s made out of polycarbonate.

The backboard will not shatter, chip, or crack. The heavy-duty frame features the popular breakaway design, offering the right amount of give and flex, so the kids can dunk and even hang, without the rim snapping off. This set comes with everything you need to get started playing right out of the box, including a net, mini rubber ball, and all the mounting hardware. Considering this model looks like a toy, it’s surprising to see many of the same features that you would normally find on a full-sized model. This hoop system can be used in your home office, man cave, or the family rec room. Basically, it can easily be mounted to any doorway, or the back of a door. It’s highly portable, making it very travel friendly. Overall, the low price, high-quality design and materials will make this model a great addition to any home.

Overview and Features

SKLZ isn’t a major brand, but they are known for their affordable line of wall-mounted basketball systems. This model is a great choice for indoor use and a hoop system the whole family can enjoy.

If you’re not looking for a full-sized basketball system, and instead, you want one you can use for casual indoor play, whether it’s for the kids, or you want to practice your shooting accuracy, this model is a great choice. But while it may look like just another toy for the kids, it actually comes equipped with many of the same features you would expect to find on a full-sized wall-mounted basketball system.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Breakaway rim
  • Low price
  • Highly portable
  • Easy installation
  • Shatterproof backboard
  • Perfect for kids

If you’re searching for a highly portable, mini basketball hoop, and a model that won’t break the bank and is designed to last, then the SKLZ delivers. This model comes with all of the mounting hardware you’ll need, for a fast and simple installation. But aside from its miniature design it comes with some surprising features, such as the shatterproof backboard, basketball, and pro-quality rim. If you’re looking for a system  designed for the serious player and outdoor use, make sure you stop by and read my buyer’s guide, where you’ll learn about the different types of features available, the size and style options, and you can check out some of the leading models on the market.


This model isn’t designed for the serious player, however, players of all skill levels will love taking some shots indoors as they watch a movie, interact with the kids, and pass the time on a rainy day. Considering its size, you wouldn’t expect to find a durable frame or heavy-duty door mounts and an included tough eight-loop net, but the manufacturer has clearly thought of everything. This model is literally a mini version of a pro-quality model, complete with a shatterproof backboard that offers excellent ball rebound action,  a breakaway rim that can handle dunking, and a tough frame that is designed to handle heavy use from kids and parents alike.


The backboard is very small, measuring in at just twenty-three inches by sixteen inches. It’s made out of polycarbonate material and features a shatterproof design that is also resistant from chips, cracks, and scratches, so this clear backboard will remain looking good. Along the bottom of the backboard, you’ll also find thick padding, which will protect the player from injury. The backboard offers better than average rebound action, which is always a plus.


The small nine and a half-inch breakaway rim comes complete with double spring action that will allow the kids to practice and perfect their dunking skills. The rim offers true flex and give, just like a full-size rim, which will prevent the rim from snapping, even if the kids hang off it.


This model comes with a mini rubber basketball that will arrive deflated. The ball offers the same type of bounce that you would expect from a full-sized ball.


This model offers a fast, simple, and easy installation process that will only take approximately twenty minutes.



This hoop system may be small, but it offers the same type of playability that you would expect from a full-sized model. Its heavy-duty frame can withstand heavy use, while the thick net offers the same type of swish action. The polycarbonate, shatterproof backboard may be small, but it’s built tough. This model can easily be mounted to any door or doorway in the home.

This model is also highly portable, so you can take it with you on your next trip to grandma’s house, your next family vacation, or let the kids take it with them on their next sleepover. Many parents and even serious players will be impressed with this model’s design, considering it comes equipped with many of the same features that you would normally expect to find on a full-sized system.

If your child is new to basketball, then be sure to share this great article on the major events in basketball, to teach them how the game has changed and grown throughout the years.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Portable
  • Durable design
  • Shatterproof backboard
  • Low price
  • Perfect for kids
  • Breakaway rim


  • Indoor use only
  • Not designed for the serious player

SKLZ Versus Silverback NXT 54″ Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height Basketball Hoop

Obviously, the SKLZ model doesn’t measure up to the competing model by Silverback, which is a better option for the serious player or the family that loves to play together. The competing model is pro-quality all the way. It features a fifty-four-inch backboard that’s also made out of polycarbonate. However, this competing system is designed for outdoor use and features a highly adjustable design that will allow you to lower the rim to seven and a half feet, up to ten feet, using the included height adjustment crank system.

This model will also fold backward out of the way, when not in use. This hoop system is perfect for players of all ages, due to it’s durable, highly adjustable design. However, with this type of quality and adjustability, you can also anticipate a higher price tag. But if you’re looking for a model that’s perfect for the whole family and one that features a powder-coated steel frame, all-weather net, a breakaway rim, and a shatterproof backboard, then this model is a great step up from the mini system and one that you and the kids can enjoy for many years to come.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

SKLZThe SKLZ Pro mini basketball system is actually exactly what it sounds like. It’s a miniature version of a pro-quality basketball system, which means you’ll get a breakaway rim, designed for dunking and one that offers plenty of flex and give, a shatterproof polycarbonate backboard that’s chip and crack resistant, and a thick eight loop net. This set also includes a mini basketball and all the mounting hardware you need for a fast and simple installation.

While this system isn’t designed for the serious player, it’s a model that the kids will love, or it can make the perfect addition to your home office, study, rec room, man cave, or you can install it in the kid’s room. This model is also highly portable, so it can go with you on your next vacation. The low price and durable design will give parents every reason to buy. This model earned a rating of four and a half out of five stars.