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Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game Review

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Last Updated on: March 3, 2023

Harvil Electronic Basketball Game Review

Harvil is a well-known brand for making all kinds of arcade games. From air hockey tables to foosball, even ping pong tables, they’re at the top of the arcade world now. Especially, their basketball arcade games are a great deal for the money. Their designs and build quality are eye catchy. The Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game is a perfect model for multiple uses. You can get it for your kids. However, you can use it for yourself like other basketball equipment for both kids and adults. It gives you great fun with friends. Here, I will go over some of its pros and cons that are worth mentioning.

My Verdict: Affordability and flashy design are definitely the two terms that describe this game the best. It is a good all-rounder, although it can use a few improvements in the quality department. The safety nets and the ones of the rims aren’t that great but apart from those, everything else is pretty good for the money. Your kids will surely love the hardwood floor design and the scoring system will keep things competitive. 

You can read my buyer’s guide to find all the information you need to buy basketball arcade games. Also some of the top models for this year! Now, let’s dive into the features of the Double-Swish.

Overview & Features Of Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game

The main point here is affordability. The whole game is slightly more suitable for kids than adults. Everything is well put together. It doesn’t have the sturdy feeling like other ones in the market.  Also, it’s not expensive as most other similar basketball arcades. First, let’s talk about the dimensions.

Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Harvil small view

  • Great design and colors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with 6 basketballs plus an inflation pump
  • Reinforced return ramp cloth
  • Very durable
  • Folds up to save space
  • Relatively easy to set up


In terms of dimensions, this arcade is pretty average. It is on par with the rest of the models in this price range. It is 81 inches long, 41 inches wide, and 81 inches tall. There is no height adjustment facility on both the front and back side which isn’t great. Because the front part is low enough for kids to reach in and grab the basketballs that return down the ramp.


dimension of harvil double-swish electronic basketball game


The weight is almost 50 pounds which makes it harder to move but also better planted on the ground. For this reason, there’s no movement when you play.

Materials and Durability

The materials here are surprisingly good. According to the budget of the basketball arcade game, it is top class. The main frame is made out of powder-coated steel. That’s why it’s great for the overall longevity of the game. The rims are steel and the backboard is made out of sturdy wood, unlike other games that have MDF backboards.


harvil double-swish electronic basketball game material and durability


The frame also has a black sand finish for added durability on the paint against chipping and peeling. All these quality materials are really contrasted by the poor quality of the safety nets and the ones under the rims. They are nylon-made but have a really cheap and brittle feel to them. The rim nets also have the bad tendency of getting the basketballs stuck inside them when falling to the return ramp. Consider changing them if that keeps happening.

Another thing that is worth pointing out here is that the return ramp is extra thick and is a three-plied in order to reinforce it. That is a rare feature within cheaper basketball arcades and really adds to the overall durability of the parts that are constantly at use. The place where the ramp attaches to the frame gets easily detached, though. It is held by Velcro straps that aren’t that tight.

Scoring System

The scoring system is fairly accurate. The displays are easily visible from a shooting distance. There is a third display for the game modes. The only issue you might face with the scoring displays is that they are double-digit ones. It means you can only go as high as 99, even if you are going for a high score.


Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game Scoring System

The sensors, even accurately, tend to break. Many users faced this issue. It is a major problem in this arcade game. However, the display is not strong enough. altogether, for some users, it can be unreliable.


side view of Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game

There are six basketballs that come along with the package. They are all relatively good. The basketball measures 7 inches in diameter and is a good fit for the 12-inch rims. Generally, they don’t hold air quite well. So you will have to use the pump that comes in the package.

Still, six basketballs are far better than some other models offer in this price range. Usually, most of them offer only four. It is perfect for two kids or two players playing against each other at the same time.

Additional features and accessories of Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game

There are a few additional features that come with this basketball arcade game that is worth mentioning. The first one is the 8 game options. You can select as you want. They are all the common ones like Around the world, Horse, and others. That is the standard number of games most arcades offer nowadays. The important thing is that the remote (you’ll find it up front) controls them. It does a perfect job of toggling through all the game modes. There are no sound effects or buzzer sounds. This feature is missing in this model. At this price range, it is unexpected. Other ones in the market offer the same.

With these games, you also get a user manual. It’ll guide you through all the different game modes and how to play them. That is great for your kids or adults if they have never played any of these games before.

One structural feature that I like a lot is the secure locking system. It locks up the game once you fold it. It is really child-proof and it is perfect for keeping the game upright when you need to free up some space in the room.

You also get a user manual with the assembly instructions. However, the whole process is simple. It takes only about an hour. There isn’t an option to build this arcade into the wall behind it, so make sure you assemble it well and put it on a flat surface to avoid wobbling.

Design and Practicality

The design is one of the main selling points of this game. It is the reason so many kids want it and love having it in their rooms. It features a basketball hardwood cloth design on its return ramp. The whole ramp ends with the 3-point line to add extra immersion to your kid’s game.

What adds to the practicality is the folding feature which is rather common for arcades of this size. It folds quite easily and, as I mentioned, has a child-proof locking mechanism to prevent it from falling back.

For something a little more versatile and better put together, check out the ESPN EZ Fold Basketball Game. Now, let’s go over the price of this arcade and then see its pros and cons.

Price of Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game

In my opinion, this basketball arcade price is affordable. It’s not oddly expensive. Considering the price it brings a lot to the table. Overall, it is totally worth the purchase.

Pros & Cons of Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game

In the modern day, Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game is a great way to have fun with friends and family. It gives you a real arcade game feel at your home. Therefore, in this section on the pros and cons we will discuss the various pros of it.


pros and cons of harvil double-swish electronic basketball game


  • Great design and colors
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with 6 basketballs plus an inflation pump
  • Reinforced return ramp cloth
  • Very durable
  • Folds up to save space
  • Relatively easy to set up


Every coin has two sides. Let’s see some cons of our Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game.

  • Assembly can be tricky
  • Netting isn’t of the best quality
  • The scoring sensors are prone to breaking
  • Not height adjustable

If you want to be more accurate even at a basketball arcade game, I suggest checking out my guide to basketball shooting fundamentals.


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

Picture of Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game

In conclusion, all I can say is that this game is worth it for everyone. It is affordable for any tight budget. This game is perfect If you want something well-looking for kids that will get them fired about basketball. The Harvil Double-Swish Electronic Basketball Game is colorful, fairly durable, and low-cost. It is great fun for both solo and competitive games. Except for the lack of a height adjustable feature, it is totally perfect. It would’ve made it the perfect 2-in-1 arcade for both kids and adults but the current height of the ramp and the hoops is adequate enough for most people anyway. I gave it a score of four and a half out of five stars.