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Goal Setter Adjustable Glass Backboard Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop Review

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Last Updated on: May 21, 2023


The Goal Setter Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height Basketball Hoop is pro-quality all the way. This hoop is highly adjustable, so it’s suitable for both young children and adults. Aside from the highly adjustable design, buyers can choose from a tempered glass or acrylic backboard. If you’re looking for a home hoop system that allows you to push yourself and put your playing skills to the test, one that will allow you to develop and grow as a player, then the latest model by Goal Setter is definitely worth a closer look.

Our Verdict: If you’re looking for a customizable,Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height Basketball Hoop, then give the Goal Setter a closer look. Buyers can choose from four backboard sizes, in addition to the backboard material of tempered glass or acrylic. The rim is highly adjustable and can be lowered down to six feet and raised up to ten feet. The price is a little steep, but once you get a closer look at the durable frame design, decent overhang design, and overall quality, you’ll realize this model is pro-quality all the way. Keep in mind that this system has a lengthy installation process of one and a half hours and will require two people to get the job done. Overall, this hoop comes with everything the serious player or the family is looking for including a durable design, a highly adjustable rim height system, and the ability to choose the type of backboard material designed based on playing needs and budget.

Overview and Features

This company is known for its premium line of hoop systems including the best wall-mounted basketball hoops, portable systems, and in-ground models. Their latest line of wall-mounted models is perfect for families who have limited space. This particular model features a heavy-duty flex rim, glass, acrylic, or tempered glass rim, and a two and a half feet extension from the backboard and wall. It’s also highly adjustable, which will be a huge plus if everyone in the home loves a round of hoops.

This is a pro-quality home Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height Basketball Hoop system, which is reflected in this model’s price, so, if you’re on a tight budget, this model may be well out of your price range. But for the serious player or anyone who wants a top of the line home hoop system, this model is a great buy and one that’s designed to last for several years to come. This is one setup that will allow you to develop and grow as a player. If you’re new to the sport, it will provide the same type of setup that you’ll find at school or the gym, so you can practice your moves and perfect your shots. To learn more about the game and the different playing styles to choose from, click here to read my guide on what basketball position should I play?

Goal Setter Adjustable Glass Backboard Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop

Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Four backboard size options
  • Choose backboard material
  • Breakaway rim
  • Shatterproof backboard
  • Reasonable price
  • Perfect for players of all skill levels

Size Options

Buyers can choose from a variety of size options:

  • Forty-eight-inch: Thirty-two inches long, forty-eight inches wide
  • Fifty-four-inch: Thirty-six inches long, fifty-four inches wide
  • Sixty-inch: Thirty-eight inches long, sixty inches wide
  • Seventy-two-inches: Forty-two inches long, seventy-two inches wide

Buyers can choose the right size based on their budget and playing goals.

The structural steel backboard frame measures in at one and a half inches thick. The frame is covered in a corrosion-resistant primer, for improved durability. Additionally, the included hardware is zinc-plated. There are also nylon bushings on each connection point, for improved durability. The wall anchor frame measures in at two and a half feet from the front of the backboard to the wall. The compact design will allow you to place this hoop pretty much anywhere. Additionally, the edges of the frame feature rounded corners, for improved safety while you play.


If you’re searching for a more versatile model, one that allows the whole family to join in on the fun, then you’ll appreciate this hoop’s highly adjustable design. The rim can be adjusted from six feet up to ten feet. This allows young children, teens, and adults to partake in the fun. The simple height adjustment crank will allow you to raise or lower the hoop in a matter of seconds. If you’re someone that sticks to basketball rules, then you’ll be happy with this highly adjustable design that will allow you to raise the rim to the regulation height, then quickly lower it for the kids for a fun round of horse.


This model features a heavy-duty flex rim. This is a pretty standard rim that the manufacturer uses on most of its models. It’s approximately 5/8 of an inch thick and features a high tensile steel design. Basically, this is one solidly built rim and it’s perfect if you love dunking.



Buyers can also choose from a backboard made out of acrylic or tempered glass. If you’re looking for a hoop system you can use to test out or perfect your dunking skills, then I recommend sticking with the acrylic option, which is also available at a lower price. However, acrylic is prone to cracking, chipping, and scratches. So, if you want a backboard that will stay looking good, then the tempered backboard will be the best choice.


The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty on the rim, backboard, and frame.


This model is difficult to install, due to the lengthy process itself, in addition to the heavier backboard and bracket. The smaller forty-eight-inch model will be much easier to install. On average, you can expect an installation time of one and a half hours. Fortunately, the included instructions will guide you through the process, step by step.


The two and a half feet overhang refers to the distance from the backboard to the wall. Essentially, anything that exceeds two feet will provide better than average playing space and under the hoop action. With this type of space, a player will be less likely to accidentally run into a wall during a game.


Most buyers love the ability to choose between either a tempered glass or acrylic backboard. Tempered glass is the way to go if you’re looking for a setup that’s similar to what the pros play on or the type of hoop systems you often play on at the gym. This model’s design is best described as rigid and durable. If you’re looking for a pro feel, then this is the model for you. The highly adjustable design will be a big selling point for most families.

Often, you won’t find this type of adjustability for a model in this price range, so the fact that it can be lowered down to six feet, all the way up to ten feet is a huge plus. Basically, this system is a great choice for parents looking for a wall-mounted hoop that their children will not quickly outgrow. Buyers will also appreciate the lifetime warranty which shows that the manufacturer believes in and stands behind their products. This hoop’s playability will be impacted by the size of the backboard you choose. The forty-eight-inch option will be too small for adults. The other three size options are a better fit for teens and adults.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Four backboard size options
  • Tempered glass or acrylic backboard options
  • Highly adjustable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Decent overhang design
  • Perfect for players of all ages


  • Lengthy installation process
  • Price

Goal Setter Versus Lifetime 73650 44 Inch Shatterproof Backboard

Goal Setter’s biggest competition is Lifetime, which is another company that’s known for its extensive line of wall-mounted systems. Their latest model, the 73650 measures in at forty-four inches by thirty-inches and comes equipped with a shatterproof backboard, which will be a huge selling point for the avid dunker. The hoop itself can be mounted on an eave, the roof, or a pole, thanks to the included universal mounting bracket. Unfortunately, the universal mounting kit by Lifetime is sold separately, so you’ll need to take the extra cost into consideration. This model by Goal Setter easily outshines the Lifetime hoop considering it’s highly adjustable and perfect for players of all ages, while the Lifetime system is not adjustable and is about as basic as it gets. However, it’s a great buy for the family on a budget in need of a durable, reliable hoop system that’s pretty versatile in terms of how and where it can be mounted. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to the serious player.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

GoalsetterThis system by Goal Setter Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height Basketball Hoop has all the bells and whistles any basketball player could want. The four backboard size options will allow you to choose the perfect size based on your skill level, age, and playing needs. The highly adjustable rim height is a huge plus for families who love to play together. The ability to choose between tempered glass and acrylic is another huge plus, and one that allows buyers to choose based on their budget and preference. The only real drawback is the higher price tag, however, if you’re looking for a model that the kids won’t quickly outgrow, then you’ll find that this system is worth every penny. I gave it a rating of four and a half out of five stars.