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Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops for Indoor and Outdoor Use: Full 2023 Buyer’s Guide

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Last Updated on: June 5, 2023

Basketball net

Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops for Indoor and Outdoor Use can be a total gamechanger for the player who simply doesn’t have the space to accommodate a large portable system or an in-ground basketball hoop. These models are compact and often feature a smaller backboard design compared to the other two alternatives, but if you want to set up your own half-court at home to practice your basketball crossover moves, jump shots, and even dunking, then these models can be the perfect alternative and one that’s priced more affordably.

But considering there are dozens of models to choose from and the variety of features there are available, finding a system that will work for your playing needs, shooting goals, and your budget can take plenty of research. If you’re familiar with basketball rules and you want a pro-style setup, then you also know you need to practice on a hoop that’s ten-feet high. But if you have other players in the home, then you may need a basketball hoop that’s more flexible and adjustable. Finding the perfect model isn’t easy, especially considering how popular this sport is and how flooded the market is with dozens of models to choose from.

Fortunately, I’ve done all of the hard work for you. I’ve reviewed some of the best-selling hoop systems around and I was able to narrow it down to seven models that are currently crushing the market. I’ve chosen hoop systems that are available in a variety of price points, sizes, styles and more.

Each one of these models has something special to offer, whether it’s a highly adjustable design, the best shatterproof backboard or breakaway rim design, a solid construction, or a great price. Below, you’ll find a comparison chart that will show you the differences between each of these models, including whether the system is adjustable or fixed, backboard size, price, and rating.

Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops for Indoor and Outdoor Use Comparison Chart

Silverback NXT Wall Mounted Hoop
Silverback main
Adjustable54 inches$$
Goal Setter Adjustable Hoop
Goalsetter main
Adjustable44 inches$$$$$
Lifetime 73650 Hoop
Lifetie 73650 main
fixed44 inches$
Spalding 54" Acrylic Hoop
Spalding 54 inch main
fixed54 inches$$
Lifetime 71526 Hoop
Lifetime 71526 main
fixed54 inches$$
Spalding 79354 Hoop
Spalding 79354 main
Fixed48 inches$$$
SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop
SKLZ main
fixed23 inches$

Best Overall- Silverback NXT Wall Mounted Adjustable-Height Basketball Hoop


Our Rating: (5/5)

This adjustable model by Silverback comes loaded with all the right features that families and the serious player are looking for including a breakaway rim, shatterproof backboard, and a durable design that can easily withstand the elements. This particular model is perfect for players of all ages and skill levels. Lower the backboard for the kids and raise it to the ten-foot regulation height for an intense game of one on one with a buddy. The price is also right, so this model is a great option for the buyer in search of a pro-quality hoop that won’t break the bank. It also comes with many of the same features that you would expect to find on an in-ground or portable hoop system, so if you don’t have the budget or space, this model is a great alternative.

Best Adjustable Hoop System- Goal Setter Adjustable Glass Backboard Wall Mounted Basketball Hoop


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is another adjustable wall-mounted model that earned a reputation for durability and a pro-quality performance. Since it features a highly adjustable design, it’s a great option for the family who loves to play together. It features a shatter-resistant backboard and a breakaway rim that will allow you to dunk, or play an intense pickup game with friends. You can lower the hoop for the kids, or keep it at the ten-foot regulation height for a more challenging game for the adults. The large, shatterproof backboard offers the type of rebound action the serious player is looking for, while the heavy-duty frame can easily withstand harsh winters and intense summers. Basically, this is a great budget-friendly option and a model that is clearly designed to last.

Top Fixed Hoop System- Lifetime 73650 Shatterproof Backboard and Rim Combo Kit

Lifetie 73650

Our Rating: (4.5/5)  

This is a fixed model, which means it doesn’t offer the type of adjustability the other two models do, instead you can mount it at a specific height. However, since this model doesn’t come with the mounting hardware, you can choose between a fixed mount or an adjustable one. Like the other two best-selling systems, this model also comes equipped with a rim that’s designed for dunking. The breakaway rim is built tough, allowing you to perfect your dunking skills, while the large shatterproof backboard offers excellent ball rebound, which is exactly what most players are looking for in a home hoop system. This system is a great buy for families or the serious player who is looking for a model that can handle dunking, intense gameplay, and one that can withstand the elements.

Great Pick for Beginners- Spalding Acrylic Basketball Backboard & Rim Combo

Spalding 54 inch

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This fifty-four-inch backboard is shatterproof and offers top-notch rebound action. This system is pro-quality all the way, offering features including an all-weather net, a breakaway rim, and a powder-coated frame that will prevent the hoop from rusting. The larger backboard makes this fixed model a great choice for the serious player, however, if you purchase an adjustable mount kit, then it will also be a good option for younger players as well. Built tough, you can’t go wrong with a model from one of the leading hoop manufacturers in the world.

Lifetime 71526 Backboard and Rim Competition Combo

Lifetime 71526

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This is another great model by Lifetime and one that comes equipped with a massive fifty-four-inch shatterproof backboard that’s designed to take a beating. The backboard features vivid graphics and comes complete with a UV protective coating that will prevent the graphics from fading over time. The breakaway rim can handle dunking and hanging, rough under hoop action, and more. Since the backboard is made out of shatterproof material, it won’t crack, or chip. The backboard is made out of acrylic instead of polycarbonate. Acrylic is not quite as tough as tempered glass, but it’s much stronger than polycarbonate. The well-built powder-coated frame is designed to last, and handle heavy rainfall and harsh temperatures. Basically, with the right mount, this will be a model that the whole family can enjoy.

Beginner-Friendly- Spalding 79354 Backboard/Rim Combo

Spalding 79354

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

The Spalding 79354 is a great choice for kids and teens, due to the smaller backboard size. However, despite its smaller design the shatterproof backboard still offers the same type of bounce action that you’ll find on larger pro-quality backboards. The backboard is made out of polycarbonate material, so it’s not quite as tough as a backboard made out of acrylic, however, it won’t shatter, chip, or crack, even with rough use. like other fixed models on my list, this system doesn’t come with the mounting hardware, which must be purchased separately. However, you can choose from a fixed mount bracket or an adjustable one, which will allow you to lower the hoop down to seven feet or raise it to ten feet. Versatile, and well-built, this model is a great buy for the kids.

Top Indoor Basketball Hoop- SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop


Our Rating: (4.5/5)

This model is much different from the other hoop systems on my list. It’s designed for indoor use only, which means it doesn’t come with a powder-coated frame or an all-weather net. It’s actually very small in size, with a backboard that measures in at just twenty-three inches. But unlike the other models, this system comes with all the mounting hardware you need so you can get started playing right away. This is a great choice for a child’s room, or it can make the perfect addition to the rec room, family room, home office, or man cave. Despite its smaller size, it comes with many of the same features that you would expect to find on a full-sized system including a breakaway rim, and a shatterproof backboard. This durable design will allow the kids to practice dunking, and it’s also highly portable so you can bring it along on the next family vacation or move it from room to room. Leave it out or store it when you’re done playing, this durable mini basketball system is a steal for the price.

Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops for Indoor and Outdoor Use Buyer’s Guide

If you’re a serious player, then you need a hoop you can practice on at home. While practicing your basketball dribbling drills can help to you learn how to get better at dribbling and improve how well you handle a ball, if you’re rusty on your shooting, your team members won’t pass you the ball often. In order to be a well-rounded player, you need to focus on improving your layups, jump shots, and free throws. Buying a home basketball system is a great option, especially if you can’t make it to the gym often. But if you don’t have a lot of space to work with, or you don’t have a big budget, then buying a portable basketball system or an in-ground model may not be possible.

Enter the wall-mounted system. Compact, and built just as tough as their portable and in-ground counterparts, the only real difference here is the size of the backboard, which can range from forty-two inches up to sixty inches.

These days, many of the best-selling models come loaded with all the same popular features that you’ll find on in-ground and portable systems, including a shatterproof backboard, breakaway rims designed for dunking, and a solidly built frame that can handle plenty of use and abuse. So, if you’re on a tight budget but you need a hoop to practice on at home, then read on to learn about the different features to look for, how these systems work, what you can anticipate concerning durability and performance, and how to install one of these systems, based on the amount of space you have to work with and the size of the model.


Driveways are typically the number one spot to install this type of basketball hoop. The best thing about having a driveway for basketball use is the fact that you already have a large paved flat area that you can play on. Full driveways can handle portable basketball hoop models, but if you’re tight on space then a wall-mounted model is a perfect solution. However, any paved, flat area will do. The area should be paved to promote excellent ball bounce.

Design Options for Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops for Indoor and Outdoor Use


There are several different types of backboards available. These systems are made from a variety of materials ranging from fiberglass and steel to clear acrylic, aluminum, and tempered class. Tempered glass and acrylic backboards are considered heavy-duty and come equipped with a tough frame that’s excellent for rebound action. Most manufacturers also offer hoops systems that are made with a durable steel or aluminum frame. Many of these models will have powder-coated frames that they’re designed to protect them from the elements. Each system will come with secure hardware that’s designed to keep all of these components in place even during an intense pickup game. Additionally, most top of the line sets will come equipped with breakaway rims which are designed to flex upon player contact.


On your search for the right hoop system, you’ll come across a variety of designs including multiple wall mount designs, and height-adjustable models, as well as models that are designed to remain fixed in place.  Both options are perfect for their space-saving designs.

These systems are perfect for homes that are short on space and have at least one vacant wall where a hoop can be mounted. Keep in mind, a hoop system should be hung at the standard 10-foot height. 10 feet is the standard height and it’s actually the regulation height for the pros.

If you’re not certain what type of rim height other members in your family can handle, then an adjustable model will be the perfect option and one that will meet the needs of every player in the home.

Indoor and Outdoor

kids playingOn your search for the right wall-mounted system you’ll also come across models that are designed for both indoor and outdoor use, or indoor/outdoor only. Most models designed for outdoor use can be used indoors as well. However, the same cannot be said for models that are designed for indoor use. But why?

Models that are designed for indoor use will not have the same type of durable design. Models made for outdoor use will come equipped with a powder-coated frame. The powder-coating is what will protect the frame from rusting due to rain and snow.

Additionally, most indoor models will not come with an all-weather net. These nets are also designed to brave the elements and will not become moldy, or start to rot due to constant exposure to rain and snow. So, remember, when you’re shopping around, make sure the product is clearly labelled for indoor or outdoor use or both.

Mini Hoop Systems

These are usually designed for indoor use only. They’re often a great choice if you have younger kids, however, some models will surprise you and will come equipped with some of the same features that you can expect to find on full-sized models including shatterproof backboards, breakaway rims, and a durable design. While these models are great for kids, they can also be a great addition to the family rec room, home office, or man cave. They’re also priced more affordably, but this is usually due to their smaller size.


In the NBA you’ll notice that the standard size is 42 inches tall and 72 inches wide. You want to keep this in mind when you’re shopping around for a new model and consider what size will work for the players in your home. The type of material a backboard is made out of is also crucial especially if adults will also be using the hoop system. It’s important to understand the different types of materials used for backboards and how they can react when a ball bounces off of them. In the NBA, all blackboards are made out of tempered glass.

However, models that are designed for home use that are made out of tempered glass often come with a higher price tag. Another common material is polycarbonate, which offers the least amount of bounce. Acrylic backboards are somewhere in the middle and offer a decent bounce especially when compared to both polycarbonate and tempered glass. The backboard’s performance is directly related to the type of material it’s made out of.

Additionally, models that come equipped with vivid graphics should have a coating of UV protection that will prevent the graphics from fading over time, especially from exposure to constant sunlight.


Acrylic backboards often have a pro-quality look that’s similar to tempered glass. A steel frame will provide much-needed rigidity which will help to improve rebound action. However, some players argue that acrylic is not quite as durable as polycarbonate, yet it does offer a much better rebound and it’s available in a wide range of sizes for beginner, intermediate, and pro players. This material features superior strength compared to polycarbonate and will stay looking new for longer. Just keep in mind that systems with this type of backboard are often pricier compared to polycarbonate models.

Tempered Glass

If you can afford the higher price tag, go with tempered glass. Tempered glass and steel-framed backboards offer the ultimate pro-quality playing style. They feature sturdy steel extension arms that provide top-of-the-line rebound action and better-than-average rigidity. Essentially, tempered glass is considered the premium playing surface and it provides both the playability and the look of pro set up.


basketball practice

You’ll come across a variety of different styles of rims when you’re shopping for a new model. Most models of breakaway rims don’t mean that the rim will actually break away from the backboard if you use too much force. Instead, it means if you try dunking on the rim using a lot of force, the rim will move in a downward motion, offering a nice flex.

Models with spring-loaded rims feature springs located beneath the rim and these tend to work best when force is applied on the front. These rims will also bend under force instead of remaining stiffly in place. This makes it easier and more comfortable for the player to dunk

The classic rim is often bolted directly into the back of the board and is usually found on systems that are designed for beginners.

Slam it rims are considered classic restyled heavy-duty rims that are built to handle slam dunks thanks to their double-compression spring back design that provides top of the line action and flex.

Arena style rims are designed for aggressive play thanks to the double compression spring design complete with a wraparound brace both of which work to increase the rim’s flex and rigidity allowing you to slam dunk like a pro.

Adjustability of Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops for Indoor and Outdoor Use

Adjustable-height basketball hoop systems allow the user to lower or raise the backboard from 6 feet up to 10 ft. Some models will have an average adjustable height of 7 and 1/2 feet up to 10 ft. These systems can be adjusted easily using a height adjustment mechanism so no tools are required. This type of adjustability is perfect for large families that have young children, teens, and adults who all love to play. Occasionally, it can also be a great choice if you have small children and you’re looking for a hoop that they will not quickly outgrow.

Some systems will use a telescoping adjustment system that works by tilting the system to the side, removing the bolt and knob, in order to raise or lower the rim from 6 feet up to 10 ft. Typically these systems will allow you to adjust the height in increments of 5 to 8 inches.

Some models with a quick-adjust feature will allow you to use the end of a broomstick under the rim and adjust the system using increments of 5 to 6 inches. In order to lower the system simply place a broom handle on the release hatch which is located beside or behind the rim. This will work to instantly lower the rim in 5 to 6-inch increments.

Another option is to manually raise the rim height ranging from seven and a half feet to 10 feet using a steel bar.

Counterbalance spring systems will allow you to adjust the height of the rim using one hand from 7 feet up to 10 feet.

Installing Your New Hoop System The Easy WayDriveway basketball

This type of basketball system makes it possible to have a hoop in tight spaces, so they’re a perfect choice if you don’t have much yard space to work with. The wide variety of sizes and styles makes it possible to purchase your own basketball hoop for home use. This is the type of system that will give you some home-court advantage. If the area you have set aside for your new basketball hoop is large enough it’ll be the perfect spot for playing four on four, practicing your free throws, playing a game of horse, or challenging your friend to a fun game of one-on-one. But before you can get started you’ll first need to determine the exact area it will go in. Your best bet will be an area that’s fairly smooth and close to level. A driveway that features a double garage space is perfect for a wider play area.

But before you install the basketball hoop there are some things you should consider.

Choose the Right Surface for Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops for Indoor and Outdoor Use

The surface it’s mounted to should be flat and secure. By attaching the bolts to a solid area, you can prevent the hoop from shaking or wobbling during use. This area should also not be obstructed by the roofline and should be flat. The regulation height according to the NBA In terms of rim regulation size comes in at 18 inches in diameter with a net that hangs 18 inches from the hooks of the rim. These standards can help guide you if you’re looking for a more pro-quality setup but they’re not required for a home playing area. If the model you purchased is for smaller children then you can feel free to mount it as low as you want as long as it’s mounted on studs on a level surface. Just make sure that the net clears the garage door so that it doesn’t get caught if you have an automatic garage door opener.

Gather Supplies

Now it’s time to get started. The first step is measuring the area and marking the spots where the mount brackets will go on the surface. Aside from using a ladder, you’ll need a level, crescent wrench, power drill, and hardware. You may need other tools, based on the included instructions that come with your new basketball hoop. Secure the mounting hardware according to the instructions. Some models will include adjustable brackets that allow you to mount a system based on roof pitch or other needed adjustments.

TedsWoodworking Plans and Projects

A Safe Installation for Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops for Indoor and Outdoor Use

You’ll start by attaching the backboard. This is often a two-person job, with one person holding the backboard as the other person secures it into place using the included hardware. The backboard will be attached with the use of a series of bolts and nuts. Make sure you seal up any openings or holes using a water-resistant caulk which will prevent the bolts from rusting. Once the backboard is securely in place make sure you check it with a level and adjust it for straightness if needed. The next step is attaching the net to the rim.

To test if the hoop is securely attached to your garage try bouncing a ball off it. The ball should bounce properly and not at an odd angle.

Final Thoughts

In order to purchase the Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops for Indoor and Outdoor Use, you need to carefully measure to ensure that you have enough space on a building or garage that can accommodate the size of the hoop you bought. It would be a shame if you purchased a sixty-inch model that didn’t work with the type of space you have available. You should also make sure that the backboard is the right size for the type of player who will normally use it. Smaller backboards like a 44-inch model may be too small for teens and adults who want to work on their dunking skills.

Additionally, make sure that you purchase the correct type of wall mount for your Best Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoops for Indoor and Outdoor Use system. Many models sell the mounting hardware brackets separately. Because of this, it will be up to you to choose the appropriate hardware based on the type of adjustability you want and need. Keep in mind, if you’re looking for ultimate adjustability you can expect to pay a higher price tag, however, this type of bracket will usually allow you to lower the hoop from six feet up to 10 feet. For teens and older children, you will need a slightly adjustable bracket that can go from 7 1/2 feet up to 10 feet.

Basically, pay close attention to the adjustability options available at purchase and know what type of mounting hardware your model is compatible with. This guide is designed to help you find a perfect basketball hoop based on the age of the players in the home, the amount of space you have available, your budget, playing style, and playing goals. I hope my in-depth buyer’s guide and my reviews will help you find the perfect system and one that will allow you to develop as a player.