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AND1 Women’s Overdrive Basketball Shoe Review

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Last Updated on: March 3, 2023


AND1 is a company that’s killing it in the industry. Their extensive line of the best basketball shoes with ankle support for both men and women are said to provide top of the line protection and comfort when you’re on the court. Their latest pair, the Overdrive are designed for the serious player in need of more ankle support and flexibility for faster moves and shooting precision, and for players who need to learn how to get better at dribbling. They come equipped with the popular radial herringbone sole pattern, so you know these shoes mean business.

Our Verdict: These women basketball shoes by AND1 easily blow the competition out of the water. Not only are they comfortable and feature a design that makes them pop out on the court, but they’re specifically designed with extra ankle support and protection in mind. Additionally, the radial herringbone sole provides better than average grip and traction, whether you’re playing on an indoor or outdoor court. I’d recommend these shoes to any player who’s serious about preventing an ankle injury or someone who has a history of ankle injuries and is in need of a shoe that’s more supportive than the average pair of high tops.

Overview and Features

If you ever want to learn how to get better at dribbling, then you need to start off with a pair of shoes that are designed with a sole that can provide the type of stability and grip you need, whether you’re playing on an indoor court or an outdoor asphalt court. These shoes by AND1 deliver and offer the type of comfort and fit you need for a solid performance when it matters the most. In terms of basketball shoes for women, you won’t find as many options as you will for men. However, major brands such as AND1 are taking the lead, producing basketball shoes for women that are every bit as tough, comfortable, and effective as pairs designed for men. From the radial herringbone pattern to the pronounced outrigger, these shoes will keep you safe on the court while giving you the power and traction you need to dominate the game.

AND1 Women's Overdrive Basketball Shoe

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

and1 small

  • Radial herringbone tread pattern
  • Eye-catching design
  • Internal bootie for extra ankle support
  • Reasonable price
  • Breathable mesh design
  • High top ankle support with some flex
  • Can be used on both indoor and outdoor courts

Radial Herringbone Pattern

Aside from the overall fit, the type of tread design on a pair of basketball shoes is often what matters the most, especially if you’ve suffered from ankle injuries in the past. With most basketball shoes, you’ll have to choose a tread designed based on the type of court you’ll play on the most. With these shoes, the tread is tough enough for both indoor and outdoor use, which will be a huge selling point for any player.

This popular tread pattern offers improved control when it comes to pivoting on the court. The tread’s thin ribbed design makes these shoes appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use and can provide the traction you need for asphalt or a hardwood floor indoor court.

This pattern is what allows for fast multidirectional movement on the court, improving your grip and allowing you to play with precision and speed. It’s a tread that’s been used for years by major manufacturers, so it was great to see that it’s still in use today, on many of the leading basketball shoes on the market, including top-sellers by AND1.


These shoes aren’t just functional, they’re stylish, comfortable, and breathable. The shoes feature a combination of synthetic materials and mesh for improved airflow, which will keep your feet dry and comfortable while you play. The thick interior cushioning will allow you to play a game in total comfort, thanks to the thick EVA foam that provides excellent support and bounce back.

Internal Bootie

The internal bootie is designed to provide additional ankle protection and support. Ankle injuries are the most common type of injury on the court. If you have a history of ankle injuries or you want to prevent a future injury, this type of protection is exactly what you need. The bootie will adjust to conform to your feet, for ultimate protection and improved ankle stability.


These sleek shoes are like no pair of high tops you’ve ever seen. The shoe’s black backdrop and yellow and purple graphics make these shoes one of the most eye-catching women’s basketball shoes on the market. You’ll notice a slightly aggressive collar line pattern, which also makes these shoes really stand out on the court. While there’s no doubt this unique pattern is what really makes these shoes pop, players who are looking for a simpler design will be out of luck since these shoes are not available in any other colors or patterns.



High tops aren’t exactly known for their sleek, lightweight design, but these shoes change all of that. Weighing in at just ten ounces, these shoes are one of the lightest pairs of high tops on the market. The lighter design will help to increase both your speed and precision, while helping to minimize fatigue.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Radial herringbone tread
  • Internal bootie for improved ankle support
  • Eye-catching design
  • Can be used for both indoor and outdoor basketball courts
  • Price
  • Breathable design
  • Flexible


  • Is not available in other color options
  • Does not offer the same type of flex that low or mid-top shoes can
  • High-top design can slow you down on the court

The AND1 Overdrive Vs. Under Armour Men’s Jet Mid Basketball Shoes

In terms of ankle protection, mids can’t really compare with high tops. They can be a great option for the player whose main priority is speed on the court, but if you’re currently nursing an ankle injury, or simply trying to prevent one, then they can’t really provide much support or protection, especially when it comes to rolling an ankle on the court. These shoes by AND1 allow you to play smart. They may not be quite as flexible as a mid-top basketball shoes, but the lack of flexibility also means your ankle is kept in a stable, protected position, one that will keep you safe as you race down the court or take your shot. The AND1 shoes are designed for women, while the competing pair the Under Armour Jet Mid basketball shoes are designed for men. So, how do the Overdrive basketball shoes measure up to this competing pair of men’s basketball shoes? In terms of ankle support, the Overdrive sneakers win hands down. They not only feature the important high top design, which will provide more than enough ankle support on the court, but it’s also equipped with an internal bootie, which conforms to the foot and ankle, for added protection and stability. This pair by Under Armour is lacking in this department, thanks to its mid design that doesn’t offer much in the way of ankle support, however, the shoes are actually much more flexible compared to the high tops, which is what some players are looking for.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

and1 smallThese women’s basketball shoes by AND1 are supportive, comfortable, and breathable. Despite the fact that they’re high tops, they still manage to offer the type of flexible design you need in order to quickly move around on the court, pivot, and take that shot. The eye-catching design is one of the shoe’s biggest selling points, however, for some, the lack of design and color options can be a drawback. Aside from the high top design, the shoes offer additional ankle support in the form of an internal boot. They’re also built tough and can be used for both indoor and outdoor basketball courts. Lightweight, flexible, and offering better than average ankle support, I gave these shoes a rating of four and a half out of five stars.