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Adidas Originals Men’s Pro Bounce Basketball Shoe Review

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Last Updated on: March 3, 2023


Adidas came out with what some players are claiming are the best basketball shoes for ankle support; the Pro Bounce. While it’s their newest shoe, it bears a slight resemblance to their older shoe the Mad Bounce, which remains one of their biggest sellers. The Pro Bounce offers better than average grip on the court, and impressive ankle support that doesn’t compromise your ability to move and get it when you’re on the court.

Our Verdict: The Pro Bounce high-top shoes by Adidas are a total gamechanger. They offer both top of the line ankle support and a flexible, design that’s actually comfortable. If you’re tired of the stiff high-tops of the past and you’re looking for a pair that will actually allow you to move the way you need to on the court, then the Pro Bounce shoes are the answer.

Continue reading to learn how these shoes perform on the court, what they’re made out of and exactly what makes them so different from traditional high-top sneakers.

Overview and Features

You’ll never learn how to get better at dribbling if you’re too focused on how limited your movement is because of your basketball shoes. Adidas has managed to change all of that by coming out with a pair of high-top shoes that have totally redesigned how the standard high tops work and fit. In the past, many players would turn to high-tops if they suffered from an ankle injury or wanted to avoid one in the future, but once they realized how limited their movements were in this type of shoe they quickly headed back to low or mid-rise shoes. Not anymore. These high-top sneakers are perfect for the player who wants and needs more ankle support, but also wants a shoe that’s comfortable and flexible.

But aside from the high-top style, this is a shoe that was obviously made for performance. These are shoes that are durable, supportive, and comfortable, but they’re also stylish and come available in a wide variety of color options, so you can match them to your team uniform, or your streetwear.

Adidas Originals Men's Pro Bounce Basketball Shoe

Our Rating: (4.5/5)


  • Several colors to choose from
  • Breathable design
  • Geopad insole
  • Better than average ankle support
  • Flexible fit
  • Impressive grip

Color Options

If you’re looking for shoes that can give your look a little flair when you’re on the court, then look no further. These shoes are available in several color options including:

  • Orange and white
  • Black, white, and gray
  • Regal purple and white
  • Maroon and white
  • Power red and white
  • Dark green and white
  • Collegiate navy blue and white
  • Collegiate royal blue and white
  • Light blue and white
  • Crystal white, black, and white

This is not even the total list of color combinations and options available. Some of these shoes will have non-marking white soles, while others will have black.


The shoe’s design is really what separates it from the competition. While it’s nice to have a huge selection of colors to choose from, what really matters is the design of the shoe itself. This pair features a high-top, high-cut style that will provide better stability and above average ankle support. The GeoFit construction is an anatomical design that works to enhance responsiveness and comfort. The design allows the shoe to hug every curve of your foot while still giving your feet the room they need to keep your feet nice and comfortable.

The biggest downside of this design is the toe box shape. This is a sport that will require support and good balance. Because of this, it’s common for most players to slightly spread out their toes in order to retain their balance. With this design, the toe box doesn’t exactly pinch the toes, however, it doesn’t provide much room for the wearer to spread out their feet to improve their stability out on the court.


When you’re playing, you want to keep your feet nice and dry, otherwise, you may end up dealing with chronic athlete’s foot. This health issue is why you’ll find so many shoes now equipped with mesh panels. These shoes have mesh uppers, which are designed to improve air circulation and breathability while you play. While your standard mesh is considered pretty flimsy, these mesh uppers are made out of stitched TPU coated fibers that have been heat pressed to the design.

The way the upper is designed shows me that the manufacturer paid attention to the smallest details and wants to ensure that these shoes are not only comfortable, but built to last more than a season.

The shoe’s design helps to keep the feet secure while improving lateral movement and zonal stability. They’re also lightweight, which is a big surprise considering high-top shoes are notoriously heavy and bulky.

Lacing System


The webbed eyelets and cable lacing system allow you to get a nice tight fit.


The manufacturer spared no expense when it came to comfort. The GeoFit padded collar enhances support for both the ankle and Achilles tendon area, allowing you to move freely when you’re on the court.


The midsole is equipped with Flexible Bounce cushioning that’s comfortable and responsive, allowing you to make faster, smoother movements on the court.


Did you know that your footwork won’t just determine how well you perform during a game, but it can also be indicative of the direction you’re about to head in? when you move fast to fake out a player it’s important that your shoes move with you. Your shoes must have enough traction to move you forward, in the direction you’re trying to go. These shoes are equipped with a more aggressive tread pattern that’s designed to work with the surface of an indoor court, by evenly distributing weight across the entire feet. Because the design of the shoes avoids concentrating the weight in one area, it helps to keep the player more comfortable and reduces fatigue. The outsole also features TPU shank and a propulsion plate, both of which are perfectly positioned to keep your feet on the court. This means you can quickly move in any direction for improved speed and precision.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • GeoFit padding
  • Several color combinations to choose from
  • High-traction sole
  • Thick mesh upper
  • Top of the line ankle support


  • The Price

How They Measure Up to the Competition

These high tops are like none you’ve ever seen before. Built tough, comfortable, and equipped with top of the line padding and a high traction sole, you’ll have no trouble flying down the court. In terms of style, you’ll love the many color options available, the simplicity of the style, and the clean lines. On the inside, you’ll have it made thanks to the GeoFit padding which will conform to your feet for ultimate support. Unfortunately, Adidas has yet to make these shoes in junior sizes, so if you’re looking for a pair of shoes for your son, you’re out of luck. However, the Under Armour Boys’ Drive 4 Basketball Shoes is a great alternative and features a design that’s just as durable, comfortable and supportive. The 4 also provides a comparable true fit design that will give the player better than average space in the toe box area, an area in which the Pro Bounce shoes tend to struggle.

Conclusion and Rating

Our Rating: (4.5/5)

adidasThese shoes by Adidas will blow you away if you’re used to wearing traditional high-tops. Unlike models of the past, the Pro Bounce is not just very supportive, these shoes are also flexible and comfortable, allowing you to keep your head in the game and your feet firmly planted on the court. Unlike competing models, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort for ankle support. If you have a history of ankle injuries or want to prevent serious injuries in the future, then these are definitely the shoes you want and need out on the court. Their lightweight, durable design, combined with the GeoFit padding make them a top seller and a pair of shoes you won’t ever want to play without.  I gave these shoes a rating of four and a half stars out of five.